The Boogie Man From Birmingham


Steve “Big Man” Clayton

Live in concert 2022
The Wild Bluesmen = TWB
French Blues Connection = FBC

22. Cafe Paletti, Waldbühne, 82131 Gauting, Stockdorf (D)
23. Kulturzentrum Village, 82392 Habach (D)
24. Gut Kaltenbrunn, 83703 Gmund a. Tegernsee (10:00) (D)
24. Kultcafe, 82205 Gilching (20:00) (D)

8. Knihovna,Chomutov, (CZ)  with Tomas Bobrovniczky (Drums)
9. Jazz club,Teplice, (CZ)  with Tomas Bobrovniczky (Drums)
10. Burcakobrani,Radotin, (CZ) with the CZ all star band
11. Rockove Slavnosti,Straznice, (CZ)  with the CZ all star band
12. Radio Proglas,(interview and live show), (CZ) with Tomas Bobrovniczky (Drums)
13. TBC
14. Mundharmonika Live Festival, Klingenthal, (D) with Tomas Bobrovniczky (Drums)

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